Amendment to New Town Rules and Regulations

The New Town General Assembly Board of Governors has implemented the following changes to the New Town Rules and Regulations. A final version of the Amended and Restated New Town Declarations is being completed in the coming weeks, but due to the timing of these changes The NTGA Board wanted to release a brief synopsis of the updates. Please see the updates below and a subsequent update will be posted when the final version of the documents have been updated on the website.

Gas Powered Lawn Equipment Approved and Timing Adjusted

– The Board has amended the Rules to permit the use of gas powered lawn maintenance equipment.

– The Board has updated the hours of operation of lawn equipment to be between the hours of “8 a.m. and 8 p.m. or dusk, whichever is earlier”.

Golf Cart Operations

– The Rules and Regulation have been updated to include the following: “Golf carts must comply with any and all Community, City, State, or other governmental laws, ordinances, regulations, permitting, and licensure requirements of any kind in connection with the use and operation of such vehicles, including without limitation, lighting and other safety and operational equipment, vehicle licensing, and operator licensing and training.”

Please contact the New Town General Assembly with any additional questions. Thank you for your continued support of the community!