New Town Trust

What exactly is the New Town Trust?

The New Town Trust is organized for the purpose of bettering the life in The New Town at St. Charles, as well as the life of the City and County of St. Charles, Missouri., including funding, promoting, planning and providing educational, civic, musical, artistic, charitable, cultural, concerts, lectures and related or similar events.


The New Town at St. Charles started with a vision – a vision to create a compact community where people could walk or bike to their daily needs, worship or just hangout – all in a town setting. However, creating a town is no small feat. It requires many revenue sources and mechanisms to make a true town thrive and flourish.


While the New Town at St. Charles General Assembly fees go toward the care of the eventual 60 plus acres of civic greens, maintenance of the landscaping, fountains, lakes, canals and the other materials and products that make New Town so special and unique, this is only part of the experience of living here.


Anyone who has attended the educational and charitable function of these events such as Shakespeare in the Park, movie nights, music festivals, the July 4th celebration and more, realized that New Town was more than a magnificent place to look at; it provided a quality of life that cannot be found in many places across the country. So what is the funding mechanism behind these events? Answer: The New Town Trust. This Trust – which is a non-for-profit entity – was formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and intends to promote only those activities which are determined to further those purposes. While these resources are to be used primarily in New Town, they may also serve to support such endeavors outside the immediate community. Just as an example, possible beneficiaries could eventually include institutions such as Lindenwood University or the Foundry Arts Centre.


The New Town Trust acts as any other non-for-profit organization with a board of directors. The New Town Trust’s largest contributor at the present time is Whittaker Builders, Inc. This allows New Town to have the many wonderful educational events that residents and visitors alike enjoyed last year.


As the New Town Trust continues to grow and continues to provide funds for the educational and charitable foundation underlying such events, the cultural events and entertainment in New Town will reach a new caliber as well. Those who created the New Town Trust envisioned that this non-for-profit fund could eventually attract large acts and established performers to serve these purposes. Businesses and corporations are encouraged to sponsor the various educational and charitable events in New Town, ultimately making a donation to the New Town Trust.