Residents' FAQ

Where do I go to pick up my mailbox keys, and do I need to bring any information with me?

  • You may pick up your mailbox keys at the General Assembly Office at 3312-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO.  Your name and address will be needed.  We order lock changes from the Post Office every Wednesday.  If you have purchased a home, your new keys will be ready the Thursday following your closing.

Who do I contact to set up trash pick-up service?

  • Republic Services (636)947-5959
  • Trash pick-up day is Tuesday

Where can I get a New Town “Home for Sale” sign?

  • New Town Home for Sale signs can be leased from the General Assembly office located at 3312-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO, within New Town.
  • There is a $100.00 refundable deposit, that is returned when the sign is returned with all its pieces in the same condition it was leased. There is a $30 fee for the first three months, and a $10.00 fee for each additional month.
  • The General Assembly office accepts checks, money orders, cashier’s checks or debit/credit card payments.
  • The sign comes with a brochure holder, “Open House” sign, and “Sold” sign.

How Do I Report a Sewer Issue?

  • Sewer issues should be reported to the Water Dept. at the following contact numbers:
    – 7am-3pm – (636)949-3363
    – 3pm-7am – (636)949-3366

Who is Responsible for Common Ground Issues?

  • The Common Ground is the responsibility of the GA. This includes: parks, canals, lakes (except Phase 10 and the lakes in the very back of the community at Island Harbor Dr.), playgrounds, pedestrian bridges, parking lots between Rue Royale & Domain St., pools, restrooms in Town Hall, Civic Green, and around Amphitheater, etc.
    • The Founder is responsible for the land/lots/units it owns.
    • NT Home Builders, LLC is responsible for the lots it owns.
    • McBride & Son Homes is responsible for the lots it owns.
    • The Promenade at New Town is responsible for the Hiram Street Apartments and Apartment Mansions on North & South New Town Avenue.

Who is in Charge of the General Assembly?

  • The GA is governed by a Board of Governors and the Declarations & Rules & Regulations for New Town.
    • The Districts are governed by their governing documents and their Board of Directors. Resident elections are handled according to those documents.
    • The violation process is clearly identified within the governing documents. Many homeowners have extenuating circumstances and the GA does its best to work with the residents to resolve their violation issues. However, according to the GA attorney, due process must be given.

How Do I Report a Violation of the Homeowner Rules and Regulations?


  • The violation process is handled by the GA – The GA sends a “friendly reminder” letter to the homeowner advising of the violation, what must be done to remedy the violation and the number of days to be completed. This letter has been changed over the last year to be less aggressive, but still contain the needed language to be upheld in Court if the need arises.
    • If the violation is not remedied, a second letter is sent advising that the violation remains and a hearing may be called.
    • If the resident still makes no contact with the GA or does not remove the violation, a hearing date is set.
    • If the violation is still in place on the date of the hearing, the hearing is held by the Property Manager, Town Architect and resident with the violation. Fines are determined at this hearing.
    • Many times residents may remove a violation (for instance, a trash can), only to repeat the violation several months later.
    • Town Architect works with the GA in determining violations, fines, etc.
    • The GA tries to work with all homeowners to remedy violations especially when extenuating circumstances are involved.

What is the New Town Trust? How is it Funded?

  • The New Town Trust provides entertainment to the NT Community (concerts, festivals, movies, etc.).
    • Homeowner assessments DO NOT fund the Trust.
    • The New Town Trust is funded by the TAD, and re-sale fees of 0.2% when a home sells from a previous owner, along with private donations.
    • The Trust has its own Board of Directors and is NOT governed by the GA. The Trust Board appoints the Event Committee members.

Who is on the Board of Governors?


Snow Removal Information


The City plows the following alleys during every snow in New Town:

  • North Canal Way alley – west of Canal St. between Hempstead St. and North New Town Ave.
  • South Canal Way alley – west of Canal St. between South New Town Ave. and Arpent St.
  • Hempstead Place alley – south of Hempstead St. west of Canal St.
  • Shutten Way alley – east of Shutten St. between Hempstead St. and Galt House Dr.
  • Hempstead Way alley

The remaining alleys in New Town, as well as other City alleys, are not always plowed with every event. Decisions are made by the snow operations management team for the City on an event-by-event basis as to whether conditions warrant snow removal on the remainder of the alleys in the City following clearing of all public streets, including New Town.


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