Reminder: City of St. Charles- Golf Cart Video & Ordinance

Over the past several years, golf cart operations have become an increasing safety concern in New Town as well as the City of St. Charles as a whole.  The primary issue was the lack of an official golf cart ordinance established by the City, and as a result they were operating under the conditions of the Low Speed Moving Vehicle ordinance.  While this ordinance served useful in the interim to establish restrictions for golf cart operations, several inconsistencies in the language were still present.  In an effort to create a specific and defined ordinance to better address this matter, our local Councilman, Michael Galba, worked with the City Attorney and fellow Council Members to draft a bill specific to golf cart operations within the City of St. Charles.  The specific golf cart ordinance became effective on January 1, 2021. Please take the proper measures to ensure you are in compliance with the requirements thereof. 

Link to Video:

Additionally, we would like to thank and congratulate Councilman Galba for all of his efforts on getting a defined and much needed golf cart ordinance approved by the City!  This is a major achievement for New Town and the City of St. Charles, and trust the ordinance will serve to improve the safety of golf cart operations within the community moving forward.  Should you have any questions regarding the ordinance, please contact Councilman Galba at

 Link to Ordinance: