Architectural Workshop Meetings

Architectural Workshop Meetings


The General Assembly is pleased to announce the Town Architect (Tim Busse) will be hosting a series of three meetings separated by District to review the results and concepts of the 2022 fall architectural workshop held this past Fall.


The Town Architect will be conducting a 20-30 minute presentation that will be followed by an open discussion with attendees.  To clarify, these are not Town Hall meetings and are  for the purpose of presenting concepts from the workshop.


The Architectural Workshop meetings are to be held at the New town Event Tent (not Town Hall) at 6:00pm and separated by District as follows:


Monday, February 6th – Theater District

Tuesday, February 7th – South Lake & Island Districts

Wednesday, February 8th – Beach & Gateway Districts


Please contact the General Assembly with any questions, and we look forward to your attendance.