Lake Reminder

It is extremely important that residents and guests refrain from placing any miscellaneous items on the lakes when they are in a frozen state.  This includes discarding items such as trees, pumpkins, yard waste and/or throwing rocks onto the ice.  As a reminder, the rocks at the bottom of the boulder walls serve as the base and support for the boulders, and removing rocks from the base can weaken the stability of the seawall.  As such, it is critical that the base rocks are not tampered with, and remain in place.  In addition, the lake systems are interconnected by large storm pipes, therefore items such as trees pose a significant threat to obstruct the flow of water from lake to lake, as well as cause a threat to swimmers and persons using inflatable tubes.  As a result, please do not discard trees, and/or any miscellaneous items in to the lake systems.

Please contact the General Assembly office at (636) 916-2085 with any further questions.  Thank you!