General Assembly Office is Relocating

As of Monday, March 2nd, The New Town at St. Charles General Assembly office will be moving to 3312-1 Rue Royale.  We are very excited about the new location and the space it offers.  We will be able to keep the pool pass area open all year round to accommodate residents.  We will have a conference room for meeting with residents, guests  and various officials as often needed when coordinating events.  We are having a new map of New Town (as it is now) made to be showcased in the new offices.  AND we will have a children’s area for the children to occupy them while parents are completing paperwork, picking up mail keys, getting pool passes (you know those lines can be long), etc.    In addition, we will now keep a “treat” jar for our 4-legged residents too!  Please stop in & say hi!  Once we are completely set up, we plan to have an open house – stay tuned.  In the meantime, please excuse our disarray during the move, and our phones/email may not be working until Monday afternoon.  Our existing office space will be converted to a 3rd mailroom to allow for growth.  Please join us in our excitement as New Town continues to flourish!