Misc Important Announcements & Reminders

  • Island Harbor to be repaired once bids are received.
  • Lights at Obelisk are on.  They were out for the last month due to construction at the front entrance (Gateway District). We have issued work orders to repair the lights that are out.

If you received a letter about your street tree – please read:

We have received many complaints about dead or missing trees throughout New Town – including the Common Areas. The GA issued about 100 letters to homeowners asking to replace missing, dead or diseased trees or to limb up the trees to 9′ clearance. The GA allowed til Nov 15th for replacement or remedy. Wiese called today & they …will not have trees available until Nov. 10-15, so of course we have extended the deadline to Dec. 15 for replacement. If the builder is responsible for your tree, please just contact us and your builder. Please do not be upset . . the GA will always work with you. Please do NOT send messages through FB. Please email us at lisa@ntga.net or call us at 636.916.2085-Thank you!