Maintenance and Weekly Updates

It was a busy week as we enjoyed the cooler weather and prepare for the upcoming Fall season.  Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:


  • St. Charles Night Out was a success! Thank you to Marsala’s Market, Pauly’s Pizza and Coney Shack, and BobaQue for providing the food and drinks!


  • The General Assembly is aware of the concerns raised regarding the security guard that was reported this week. Regretfully, the guard is no longer employed by GCI Security. The General Assembly remains committed to ensure security personnel are attentive and responsive in their duties in order to maintain the safety and well-being of the community.


  • The General Assembly is in the process of pruning trees and removing several diseased and dying trees. As the Spring is the ideal time for planting to prevent root shock, the General Assembly will be planting new trees at this time.


  • The baby giraffe in Animal Park has been fully restored, thank you to Complete Facilities Service for the excellent work!


  • Several canals were excavated of debris recently.


  • Fresh mulch was applied to the playgrounds this week.


  • The main fountain was repaired and is back up and running.