New Town Garbage Container Policy

The NTGA has received numerous complaints regarding the storage of trash cans throughout the Community. Please be advised that we are working on a new software system that will hopefully help us to streamline the process of issuing violations. The NTGA is truly working to resolve the issue and hopes to make great strides this summer. If you are unaware of the garbage container policy, please see below.

Article IX: Section 12 Paragraph B: “Garbage containers may be moved to the front yard or driveway…on garbage collection days, so long as any garbage containers are afterward removed therefrom the same day.”


Article IX: Section 12 Paragraph B: “Trash, garbage and any other refuse or waste shall not be kept on any Lot outside of a Dwelling or Garage except in containers… that are screened from view by appropriate landscaping, enclosures or fencing approved by the Architectural Review Board…”

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!