New Town On-Site Police Officer

We are excited to announce a significant step forward for the safety and security of the New Town at St. Charles community. After persistent efforts by the New Town at St. Charles General Assembly (GA) Board, we have entered into an agreement with the City of St. Charles to contract an on-site police officer dedicated solely to New Town.  The GA has been advocating for this change for several years, especially as our community has expanded and evolved. Over time, challenges in New Town have intensified, and the need for a heightened police presence has become more evident and pressing. This decision aims to address the mounting concerns and ensure that our residents feel safe and secure in their community along with the following added benefits.


  1. Dedicated Surveillance: The officer will primarily focus on the New Town area, ensuring a quick response to any issues that arise.
  2. Community Engagement: By being a consistent presence, the officer will have the opportunity to foster relationships with community members, making them more approachable and creating a bridge between the police and the community.
  3. Deterrence: A visible police presence often acts as a deterrent for potential wrongdoers, reducing the likelihood of criminal activity.
  4. Rapid Response: Having an officer dedicated to New Town ensures that any emergency calls or security concerns are addressed promptly.
  5. Crime Prevention Education: The officer can also offer community workshops on safety precautions, ensuring that residents are informed and equipped to handle potential issues proactively.
  6. Report and Feedback: updates about the safety situation in New Town, ensuring informed decision-making and collaboration for future safety protocols.


The GA believes having a dedicated police officer on-site will not only provide a quick response to any issues but also act as a deterrent to potential problems and nuisance activity. This initiative underscores our commitment to the well-being of New Town’s residents, and we are hopeful it will promote a welcoming environment for all our residents as well as substantially enhance the peace and security of the community.


Once our dedicated police officer is integrated into the New Town community and becomes acquainted with the unique aspects of our area, we will share additional details and updates. This will ensure residents are informed about the measures in place and have an opportunity to get to know the officer serving our community.  We are excited to move forward with this major step to bolster our community’s safety and appreciate the residents ongoing support and patience during the integration process.