Cleaning Up Fall Leaves

Reminders about fall leaves: Leaves on New Town streets are not the responsibility of the General Assembly. You are responsible for picking up your own

Halloween Spooktacular

THIS Saturday . . .  Halloween Parades (Golf Cart & Children’s) on Saturday, 10/29/2022 (Map of Route & Flyer attached) 2:45 pm – Golf Cart


Recently, vandals have been painting offensive graffiti on common ground as well as private property in New Town. Restoration from this type of destruction takes

Halloween Decorations

We’ve noticed a lot of Halloween decorations springing up lately! The homes are really well done and we can’t wait to see the rest of

Reminder: Fall Leaf Cleanup

When cleaning your yard this fall, please pick up the debris and place it in appropriate containers for trash service to pick up on their

Architectural Approval Permits

Please remember to pick up your architectural approval permits at the General Assembly office prior to making improvements to your property. If you plan to