Potential Full Time Police Officer Announcement

Dear Community Members of New Town,

The NTGA is exited to share some exciting news that has the potential to significantly enhance the safety and security of our beloved community. The GA is currently in negotiations with the St. Charles Police Department to establish a full-time police officer presence exclusively dedicated to serving our neighborhood.

The introduction of a full-time police officer would provide us with a valuable resource, ensuring a more rapid response to any security concerns and fostering a sense of safety and well-being for all residents. This dedicated officer would act as a visible presence, patrolling our community, and actively engaging with community members to address any security-related issues promptly.

The benefits of having a full-time police officer in our community are manifold. They will not only be responsible for preventing and deterring criminal activities but also building stronger connections with residents. Through regular interactions and communication, the officer can gain a deeper understanding of our specific security needs, establish relationships of trust, and offer guidance on crime prevention issues.

Again, we are currently in the negotiation process with St. Charles Police Department but hope to finalize a contract soon. We hope this will be a significant step forward in prioritizing the safety and well-being of our community.