Community Reminders

A few friendly reminders:

Lake Usage – New Town Lakes, pools and beach are for New Town Residents and their accompanied guests only. Please note that patrons may be subject to providing proof of residency, (pool card will suffice) upon request.  Please make sure to bring identification with you to the lakes.

Lot Maintenance – Please keep yards well-kept by regularly mowing, trimming and removing weeds.

Architectural Requests – Forms must be completed, submitted and approved when making any changes, alterations, additions, etc. to the exterior of the home excluding satellite dishes. Forms may be obtained at or at the General Assembly during normal business hours.

Signs – Approved (home) for sale signs may be leased from the General Assembly office. No other signs should be ereceted in New Town yards or alleyways. New Town governing documents,  Article IV: Section 4.14 states, “No signage or posters of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot… Under no circumstances shall signs advertising any space or Unit as being “for rent”, “for lease” or any similar type wording be permitted…” Please promptly remove all unapproved signage at this time.

Golf Carts – Please be sure that all drivers are properly licensed and equipped with turn signals and headlights.  Please check to make sure your headlights are functioning properly and turn them on after dark.

Pets – Please ensure that your pet is leashed at all times when out and about in the community.  Also, we ask that you respect your fellow neighbors and community by picking up pet waste.  In order to assist your clean-up effors, Dogi Pot stations are located throughout the community and are fully stocked with waste bags.  If you find a Dogi Pot station in need of bags, please contact the General Assembly Office at 636-916-2085 and we will be happy to restock.


Trash Cans – Please keep all trash cans properly stored within your garage, or approved trash enclosure.

Please be aware of the following sections of the Governing Documents for New Town regarding trash containers.
Article IX: Section 12 Paragraph B: “Garbage containers may be moved to the front yard or driveway…on garbage collection days, so long as any garbage containers are afterward removed therefrom the same day.”
Article IX: Section 12 Paragraph B: “Trash, garbage and any other refuse or waste shall not be kept on any Lot outside of a Dwelling or Garage except in containers… that are screened from view by appropriate landscaping, enclosures or fencing approved by the Architectural Review Board…”

Your cooperation is appreciated – thank you!