Street Tree Trimming

As a reminder, trees located between the sidewalk and street, known as the right of way, are the responsibility of homeowners.  (With the exception of brick paver streets and double tree rows – which are classified as common ground.)

With that in mind, please ensure that any limbs overhanging sidewalks or streets are trimmed to a proper height in order to avoid hitting vehicles and pedestrians.

The GA is trying to work with the City of St. Charles to get the streets swept, they will not do so until the street trees are trimmed back.

The City of St. Charles Code Section 225.050 states:

  • All street trees shall be trimmed so as to provide on all sides other than the roadway side a clearance of nine (9) feet. On the roadway side of all major streets a clearance of fourteen (14) feet shall be provided and maintained and a clearance of twelve (12) feet shall be provided and maintained on the roadway side of any other street.

Please take necessary action to ensure that the trees at your home comply with this requirement.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!