United States Postal Service Update


All residents of New Town should have received a letter in their mailboxes from the USPS Postmaster Glen Parks.  Please see the link below to the letter for your convenience.

Link:  USPS Letter, February 11, 2017

A few highlights are as follows:

–  If an envelope is mis-delivered to your mailbox, please place it in the outgoing mail slot   with a note for the carrier to re-deliver.

–  If a package is mis-delivered to you, please take it to Marsala’s Market USPS Center to be held for the carrier to retrieve and re-deliver.

–  Packages placed in parcel lockers will remain there for 48 hours then be returned to the Post Office for pick up.

–  Likewise, mail that is not picked up after one week will be returned to the Post Office for pick up.  Please contact the Post Office to make            arrangements if you are planning to be out of town for an extended period of time.

–  Packages will be delivered to your front door if they are either to large for the parcel boxes or are being delivered on Sunday.

–  If you believe that your mail/packages have been stolen or tampered with, please contact the following;

– The Saint Charles Police Department  (in order to make a report of the crime) at 636-949-3300

– The United States Postal Inspection Service (a federal law enforcement agency) at 877-876-2455

– The New Town General Assembly Office at (as we are keeping a log of incidents) 636-916-2085

We thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this process.  Should you have any questions, please contact the General Assembly Office.