Updates from the GA on Common Ground, Issues, etc.

Bollards in Beach District:  

A slight delay in the installation of the bollards . . . due to weather and prior commitments, the bollards will be installed within the next month – (weather permitting). – completed.

Rock will be added between the tree line & street in the Fall.


The Beach District “lake” acts as a retention/detention basin and fills and drains naturally. The GA has no knowledge of a pump  to pump water out of the lake.  It is not connected to the other lakes and irrigation is not available near the lake, so it does not drain by use of irrigation as the others do.  This lake is still owned by the Founder and not the General Assembly.   In addition, the lake is/has not been anywhere near flood level and has never been an issue in the past.  Many of the lakes and canals swell with excessive amounts of rain.  The other lakes (Theater District, Island District, & So. Lake District areas) are not drained either.  They only drain by irrigation and it is not utilized when the ground is wet.

Common Ground:

Correction:  The land at the end of Canal Street (at Meeker) c in Beach District (where the retaining wall was built) is NOT common ground.  Rather it is a Lot that is For Sale.

The Common Ground at Hadrian & Starkville is being designed by the Town Architect & will have pavers (similar to a courtyard) with bollards on the sides and a bench to cover the existing pump.  The GA hopes to have this project completed before winter (weather permitting).

Retaining wall at front lake (Hempstead St. at New Town Dr.) is being repaired in the Fall when the lake level is down far enough to allow access.

Fire Pits:  Due to vandalism, several fire pits need repair.  GA staff will handle prior to Winter.

Trees:  Common Ground Street Trees are being replaced again in the Fall.


Reed Crossing – New Bridge has been ordered and will be replaced.  Parts come from California, so we allow a few weeks for installation.

Civic Green (Animal Park):  New swings and chains have been ordered.  Swings are in & chains are on order.  Surface repairs have been requested – contractor to schedule (more information will be posted as the park will be closed during the repair and for 24 hours afterwards).

New signs are being installed as needed at all playgrounds announcing the appropriate age group for each playground.

Violation Issues:

Thank you to everyone that tries so very hard to comply with the governing documents; as a reminder . . .

Please do not play golf on Common Ground.  It causes damage to the grass.  Thank you.

Please do not allow children to throw pavers in the lakes.

Please do not leave trash cans in open (they are to be screened from view).

Please remember to obtain approval from the General Assembly before making changes to your lot.

Minutes:  Minutes are only taken & required at a formal board meeting that meets quorum requirements.