02/05/2014 – Town Hall Meeting For The General Assembly
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11/06/2013 – Town Hall Meeting For The General Assembly
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08/07/2013 – Town Hall Meeting For The General Assembly
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07/17/2013 – “Bridge Jumping – Now Illegal”
A big thank you to our City Councilman, Rod Herrmann, for supporting our request for an ordinance to make it illegal to jump from all bridges within St. Charles City. The ordinance passed City Council last night & will be signed within a few weeks. Then law enforcement will be able to enforce this issue, as it has been a safety concern for all residents and the GA.

05/09/2013 – Town Hall Meeting For The General Assembly
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Beginning Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the Town Hall mail room will be locked during active mail distribution. Times may vary depending on mail volume.

Representatives of the General Assembly met with representatives from the Post Office (including the Post Master) on Friday, January 18, 2013, as previously scheduled. We have put a plan in motion to help alleviate some of the mail issues. Below are guidelines the Post Master has given to assist in the resolution of these issues:

– Beginning Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the Town Hall mail room will be locked during active mail distribution. Times may vary depending on mail volume. This will allow the mail carrier to more efficiently distribute the mail without interruption.
– The Shutten mailroom does not require this, because the mail is sorted & distributed in the rear of the mailroom where residents do not have access.
– For the last few years our post office has had an “interim postmaster”. Mike Cooke is the actual Post Master assigned to our area. He is taking our comments & complaints very seriously. Please contact him directly with mail issues at: john.m.cooke@usps.gov. Be sure to provide specifics.
– If you are a new resident, you will notice a yellow card in your mailbox. Please complete this card with all the names of everyone that will be receiving mail at your location, and place back in your mailbox. The mail carrier will see this and begin the delivery of your mail. This alerts them that this box is no longer vacant.
– If you do not check your mail regularly, please note . . . the mail carrier will return the mail to the post office if the box is full and delivery will be halted until you retrieve the mail. A note will be left in your mail box advising you to retrieve your mail from the post office.
– When relocating to or from your current residence, go to www.usps.com & click on “manage my mail” to forward mail rather than filling out a notice and mailing to the post office. This allows the transfer to happen much more quickly.

Shutten Mailroom Update: The new mag lock is now installed. We are having a new handle installed within the week too. This will allow the system on Shutten to work the same as the Town Hall Mailroom. You will need to present your card to the card reader, then the lock will release and allow entry. To exit the mailroom, a motion sensor has been installed. An additional exit feature is also located inside the mailroom (green Exit button) in case the lock should not release. Please address any questions to us at 636.916.2085. Thank you for your patience!

Flea Market scheduled for Sat. Nov. 10th has been cancelled due to low participation.

Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, Nov. 8th – 7:00 pm in the NT Town Hall

The City has begun sidewalk trip mitigation. They will be grinding down many areas of sidewalks have a drop of 2″ or less. They will be adding concrete “ramps” in areas where the drop is more than 2″. These are temporary repairs until the City has the budget to replace the slabs. We appreciate your patience during these repairs.

The City would like your opinion . . . Would you like to see the SCAT system run through New Town? Please respond by sending an email to the property manager of New Town. She will relay this information to the City. Here is the link to the City’s web site:

Dear Homeowner(s):

On behalf of the Board of Governors for the New Town at St. Charles General Assembly, expenses and income were reviewed and the Board has decided not to raise assessments for 2013. Typically, New Town assessments are due January 1, 2013, and considered delinquent after January 31, 2013. Payments received after January 31, 2013, will be assessed a $15.00 late notice administrative charge and interest as required by the governing documents. However, this year we are offering an “Early Pay” option:

If your payment is received by November 10, 2012 – then your portion of the 2013 assessment will be the following rather than the assessment amount listed on the enclosed statement:

Type                                        Early Pay Option               2013 Assessment
(If received by 11/10/12) (If received AFTER 11/10/12)
Single Family Detached 40’ Greater          $885.16                            $925.67
Live Work Unit                                      $885.16                           $925.67
Single Family Less than 40’                      $804.14                           $840.60
Row Home                                           $804.14                          $840.60
Cottage                                               $804.14                          $840.60
Townhome Mansion                               $804.14                          $840.60
New Town Assessment (Master for subs)   $804.14                          $840.60
Senior Housing                                      $480.08                          $500.33
Multi-Family Apartments                          $277.54                          $287.67

Please note: “Early Pay” option is at the 2011 assessment rate (5% discount from 2012). Assessment rate for 2013 remains the same as 2012 with no increase. All accounts must be current to be eligible for this discount. If we do not receive your payment by November 10, 2012, you will be responsible for the 2013 assessment amount.

Enclosed is a copy of your statement for the 2013 annual assessment. You may pay online at www.ntga.net (you will need your account number 800-____). To ensure proper credit, please remit payment to the designated address as indicated on your statement. Please include the bottom portion of your statement with your payment and make checks payable to New Town at St. Charles General Assembly (NTGA). Please allow a reasonable amount of time for postal delivery and do not include any business correspondence or billing inquiries with your payment.

SEWERS (Follow-up to meeting held at the Town Hall June 2012)
If your sewer backs up & you live in the Theater District, S. Lake District or Island District (the Beach District has a standard system), please contact the GA at 636.916.2085 or if it is after hours, call 314.729.2181. The GA will contact the appropriate repair person for the Founder. The sewer system in these districts is still controlled by the Founder, WBI Resolution, LLC. The GA nor the City own this system; however, the GA is the appropriate contact for repairs. DO NOT call a plumber to correct these issues. Their equipment could damage the canisters & cause the resident to be responsible for the repairs. The Founder is working closely with the City to turn over the sewer system to the City as quickly as possible.


Trash cans will be moved along the island in Granger Blvd. once we can borrow the Lull to have them moved. They cannot be placed on the sides of the streets or on the rocks at the corner of Granger & New Town. However, one will be placed near the Volcano Hill or Granger Landing.

The new playground located at the corner of Simeon Bunker, Wainwright & Stowe Landing is being donated to the GA by Greg Whittaker. CFS will be replacing wood as needed & it will be cleaned this week (10/1 – 10/5). The playground will be conditioned & stained next week (10/8 – 10/12) & must dry 2-3 days. Please refrain from using this playground during this time. Once completed, the fence will be installed along Simeon Bunker & Stowe Landing. We appreciate your patience during this project! It will be well worth it once completed!

New software has been installed to operate the mailrooms. Please remember to be patient when entering. Place your card in front of the reader (black box), light will turn green, remove card, press handicap button, door will open. Call the GA at 636.916.2085 if you have any issues. We have worked out most of the quirks in the system, but we do appreciate your patience!

The Founder has advised that the repairs to Island Harbor Drive will be completed by the 3rd – 4th week of September. The bids have been reviewed and approved. We have spoken directly to the contractor and they confirmed – weather permitting. Thank you for your patience.

McBride & Sons will be hosting a Block Party for all NT residents & friends & family on Saturday, August 11th from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm near the McBride Sales Center in the Beach District (on Broad St.); Live Music from Noon-2:00 pm; Games for adults & children with prizes & of course BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs. Come & Party in the Beach District!!!

Additional mailroom access cards are available for $10/each at the General Assembly.

Sewer Update
We have been advised by the Founder that repairs to the sewer system are beginning this week (June 5th) . The General Assembly does not own the sewers nor are we handling this issue; however, we wanted to give you as much notice as possible of the repairs.

The first of these repairs will require the excavation of sidewalks near 3324 – 3329 Canal Street. During this time, the sewer canisters will be replaced. Therefore, the water & sewer to these homes will be unavailable from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on Thursday, June 7th. Residents at these addresses should not turn on the faucets or flush the toilets during this time.

The next repairs will begin on Monday, June 11th and will affect the homes near the Common Ground in the Courtyard along N. Canal Way. We will post updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

Sprinkler Update
As of 6/01/12, the sprinkler system is being repaired in the following areas:
– Civic Green Park
– South Civic Green Park
– Front lake area

In the meantime, it is being turned on manually every other day to water these areas (except weekends). We will post updates as they are available. Thank you for your patience.

Just a reminder…the lakes & canals have recently been treated for algae, so their color will be changing over the next few days/weeks. The colors will range from green to bright orange to brown – this is normal.

Just an update . . . we have turned in a list to the City (Thank you Jeff Webb for the list) of several lights to be repaired within New Town. They already completed the previous list. In addition, we have issued work orders for the GA owned lights. Please let us know if you see additional lights within the next few weeks. Thank you.

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