Message from Councilman Galba

Hello New Town, I have been working in conjunction with Jennifer at the NTGA along with the City Fire Department, Public Works and Administration.  Please see the attached video which the Public Relations Dept shot only a few hours ago.  It was reported that the New Town Pump Station was not working and had failed. […]

Sand and Sand Bags Available in New Town

Thank you to the St. Charles Fire Department who delivered a tandem truck of sand accompanied by sand bags to New Town at the corner of Granger and Millington (closest to the lake) today. Please help yourself to as much sand as you need, more is available and will be delivered if necessary.

New Town Storm Waters

Seven inches of rain fell in New Town in less than 12 hours overnight, with more rain expected tonight. This weather event caused water issues to various parts of our community and sadly, a few homes took on storm water. We encourage neighbors to help their affected neighbors cope with the cleanup. The basins behind […]