New Park Development of Highway 94 and Highway B

For that last several months the City of St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department have been working on a Master Plan for a 97-acre piece of park property that is located off of Highway 94 and Highway B. The property is adjacent to 97-acres that the Orchard Farm High School is to be building a new high school complex on.  The new park and High School are in very close proximity to New Town


Accordingly, the SC Parks and Rec Dept. currently has an open online survey that reflects the draft final master plan layout and has reached out to request NT residents participate on the online survey to get feedback on proposed amenities and priorities for development.


If you would like to participate in the survey being conducted by the City of St. Charles Parks and Rec Department, please visit the link below.  Note, the survey will conclude on Sunday, June 6th.


Parks and Rec Survey Link: