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First Responder’s Appreciation Day, August 19th, 2017

Residents welcome!









The 2nd Annual First Responder’s Appreciation Day will be held August 19th at the Shire Lane Pool.  Similar to last year, each District is donating either money or goods for the event.  Anyone interested in donating can drop off money or relevant items to the General Assembly Office during normal business hours.  The Districts and what they are gathering are listed below:

– Beach – Money for Molly O’s (cash)

– Gateway – Chips & other non-perishable snacks (or cash)

– Theater – Giftcards (or cash)

– South Lake – Soft drinks – no glass (or cash)

– Island – Ice, plates, cups, cutlery or napkins (or cash)

This event is a great time for all and residents are encouraged to come out and join our First Responder’s for a day at the pool.

Click here for a link to the Daytime Event flyer.

Even more fun with evening activities at the amphitheater!  Music with DJ Enrique and a performance by Trixie Delight.  Games and prizes for the kids too!

Click here for link to Evening Event flyer.


Important Golf Cart Ordinance Enforcement Notice

The General Assembly recently received correspondence from the City of St. Charles Police Department in regard to the use of golf carts in New Town.

Please refer to the following memo from the City of St. Charles Chief of Police, Randall McKinley:

 “The common illegal use of golf carts on public streets within New Town, St. Charles has been brought to our attention.  Golf carts cannot legally be operated on public streets unless the golf cart and its operator comply with the requirements of Code of Ordinances Sections 365.130 through 365.170 pertaining to low speed vehicles.  Please notify New Town residents of the ordinances  Compliance with the ordinances is expected.  If residents are not compliant by October 1st, 2017, our officers will take necessary actions to enforce the ordinance.”

Please refer to the following link for the ordinance requirements;  City of St. Charles Ordinance Concerning Golf Carts

The St. Charles Police Department will have Officers attend the the upcoming Town Hall Meeting on September 19th, 2017 to address questions regarding the Golf Cart Ordinance.  In the meantime any questions or concerns may be addressed directly with the St. Charles Police Department, by calling:  636-949-3300.

We encourage all residents to be in compliance with the ordinance by October 1st, 2017 per the City of St. Charles Police Department.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Garden Club Library

We are proud to introduce the Garden Club Library!  The library is located at the General Assembly Office at 3312 Rue Royale Street.  Please feel free to stop by to view the selection and check out a book.  Likewise, book donations are welcomed in order to expand the library!

South Lake District Board Announcement

Please congratulate Ken Kapper who has been appointed to serve as a South Lake District Board Representative.  He will join Steve Schad on the Board for the South Lake District.

New Town Security


The General Assembly is pleased to announce that we have contracted with a security firm to provide supplemental patrol for the community!  The new security detail will include the use of bicycle patrol guards, who will monitor the community to enforce GA rules/regulations, control common ground gatherings, and ultimately serve to promote the appropriate and respectful use of New Town’s amenities and common grounds.  Taking that into consideration, the General Assembly will continue to utilize off-duty police officers during peak times throughout the week, and the new security patrol will serve to supplement their efforts.  Keep in mind, if you have an emergency, and/or threatening situation, please contact the City of St. Charles Police Department (636-949-3300 or 911).


As a reminder, the pool rules for the community apply to the lake facilities (including NO GLASS, NO LOUD MUSIC, NO OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOR, AND 2-GUEST LIMIT PER RESIDENT).  Accordingly, residents using the lake facilities should have their pool pass or ID in their possession to present to security if requested in order to verify proof of residency.  If you are unable to validate residency, and/or in violation of the use restrictions, you will be asked to leave the lake facility for the remainder of the day.  We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in this matter.


In closing, the General Assembly anticipates the new security structure will improve the quiet enjoyment of our residents and guests, as well as safeguard New Town’s assets moving forward!  Should you have any questions, please contact the General Assembly office.

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