***Important News & Announcements Below***

Beach & Island District Election Update

Request for Acceptance of Nomination letters were mailed to those nominated for the Boards in the Beach & Island Districts.  They are due to be returned by August 5th.  Ballots will be mailed shortly thereafter.


All homeowners should trim /”limb up” their street trees to 9′ from the ground. [Street trees are those between the sidewalk & the street & they are the homeowner’s responsibility unless on common ground.]  This is especially important when residents are walking on sidewalks – for safety issues.   Many of our streets are one-side parking only, and the trees are currently blocking the signs.  The GA staff have been and will continue to trim common ground trees as well.  We appreciate your cooperation!  Please call the GA at 636.916.2085 with questions or if you are unsure if the tree belongs to you or the GA.

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