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Dear Homeowner(s):

On behalf of the Board of Governors for the New Town at St. Charles General Assembly, expenses and income were reviewed and the Board has decided not to raise assessments for 2014. Typically, New Town assessments are due January 1, 2014, and considered delinquent after January 31, 2014. Payments received after January 31, 2014, will be assessed a $15.00 late notice administrative charge and interest as required by the governing documents. However, this year we are offering an “Early Pay” option:

If your payment is received by December 15, 2013 – then your portion of the 2014 assessment will be the following rather than the assessment amount listed on the enclosed statement:

Type                                        Early Pay Option                    2014 Assessment
                                           (If received by 12/15/13)          (If received AFTER 12/15/13)

Single Family Detached 40’ Greater           $885.16                         $925.67
Live Work Unit                                      $885.16                         $925.67
Single Family Less than 40’                      $804.14                         $840.60
Row Home                                           $804.14                         $840.60
Cottage                                               $804.14                         $840.60
Townhome Mansion                               $804.14                         $840.60
New Town Assessment (Master for subs)   $804.14                         $840.60
Senior Housing                                      $480.08                         $500.33
Multi-Family Apartments                          $277.54                         $287.67
Commercial                                          $161.62                         $170.13

Please note: “Early Pay” option is at the 2011 assessment rate (5% discount from 2014). Assessment rate for 2014 remains the same as 2013 with no increase. All accounts must be current to be eligible for this discount. If we do not receive your payment by December 15, 2013, you will be responsible for the FULL 2014 assessment amount listed above.

Enclosed is a copy of your statement for the 2014 annual assessment. You may pay online at www.ntga.net (you will need your account number 800-____). To ensure proper credit, please remit payment to the designated address as indicated on your statement. Please include the bottom portion of your statement with your payment and make checks payable to New Town at St. Charles General Assembly (NTGA). Please allow a reasonable amount of time for postal delivery and do not include any business correspondence or billing inquiries with your payment.

Navy Night in New Town
Featuring Navy Band Great Lakes "Horizon"
Saturday, May 3rd
7-10pm in the Amphitheatre

New Town Easter Extravaganza
Saturday, April 19th
3-5pm at the Town Hall

St. Charles Christian Church Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 19th at 2:30pm

South Lake District Election Ballots Due March 14th

Soccer Shots (ages 2-6) begins March 20th

GA Childrens Easter Party – Saturday, April 19th at 3:00pm

New Town Bazaar at Glenmark Farm – Saturday May 10th 11-3pm

Blue Agave OPEN Swim - Friday, May 16th at 6:30pm – 9:00pm for NT Residents Only (18 & older) Includes: Shrimp Boil w/ potatoes & corn – bring your own drink – no charge! Come & join us!

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Organizational Chart - NTGA

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