***Important News & Announcements Below***

Community Regulation Reminders


Please be aware of the following sections of the Governing Documents for New Town regarding animals, trash containers and signs.

Article II: Section 1 Paragraph G:  “Dogs shall not be allowed to roam unattended within the Community…  Pets shall not be permitted to leave excrement on the Lot of any other Owner, on or within the right-of-way of any of the Common Ways or on or within any portion of the Commons and the Owner of such pet shall immediately remove and properly dispose of the same.”

Article IX: Section 12 Paragraph B: “Trash, garbage and any other refuse or waste shall not be kept on any Lot outside of a Dwelling or Garage except in containers… that are screened from view by appropriate landscaping, enclosures or fencing approved by the Architectural Review Board…”

Article IV: Section 14 Signage: “No signage or posters of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot… Under no circumstances shall signs advertising any space or Unit as being “for rent”, “for lease” or any similar type wording be permitted…”

South Lake District Election Results

On behalf of the Board of Governors for The New Town at St. Charles® South Lake District Owners’ Association, the following homeowners were elected to serve on the Board for a two (2) year term:

 William (Buddy) Hardin – 3499 Wainwright Street

 Kenneth Kapper – 3457 New Town Lake Drive

Thank you to all who participated in the election process, and join us in congratulating your new Board representatives!


Beach District Board Announcement

On behalf of the New Town Board of Governors, we regret to inform you that Bert Swyers will be resigning from his position as a Representative for the Beach District as he will be relocating from the New Town area.  Please congratulate Terri Steffes (3814 Canal Street) who has accepted her appointment to serve as Bert’s replacement, and will join Chad Lombardo as the Beach District Board Representatives.

Friendly Reminder – Pet Responsibility

Attention Pet Owners – in consideration of your neighbors and the community as a whole, please take measures to pick up after your pet(s).

In order to assist your clean up efforts, Dogi Pot stations are located throughout the community and are fully stocked with waste bags.  If you find a Dogi Pot station in need of bags, please contact the General Assembly Office at (636) 916-2085 and we will be happy to restock.

We appreciate your cooperation!


Christmas Decorations

As a reminder, please be aware that all Christmas decorations should be taken down from your home at this time.  This is in accordance with the Governing Documents which state, “Temporary holiday decorations… shall be promptly removed no later than 30 days following the date of such holiday.” 

Thank you for your cooperation and adding fun & interest to your home for the holiday!

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